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The Gods Will Not Do For Men Those Things That Men Must Do For Themselves!

UPDATE - Odin Lives! archive shows are on hold as well as the live broadcasts.

* * * NEWS * * *

I've changed the radio station web site to a format that will accommodate informational posts, upcoming broadcast schedules, topics of interest and links to other sites. All of the original functionality remains the same.

I have changed the broadcast schedule to one that is more Europe friendly. One of my listeners had pointed out that the current schedule didn't work well for someone living in Germany. ;)

Besides the schedule change, I have expanded the listener forums to include heathen topic areas and anyone who would like to register is welcome to post there. If there are topics you would like added to the forum, please let me know.


Odin's Gift

Norse Mythology / Heathen / Asatru Poetry Music Collection

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